Blood Red Sun


By a Sea, oh so blue
Like the Sky with morning dew.

Purple winds, blood red Sun.
Wind through hair as she runs.

Venture down to golden sands,
Building Castles in her hands.

Throw them down, run once more,
Falling down upon the floor.

Then to wake in your room
Hearing bells of psychic doom.

To your senses you do come.
Through the window, glints the Sun.

Up you get to dress before
You voyage out to lunch at four.

As you walk you hear a noise.
Turn around to see two boys

Playing down upon the beach,
Building Castles with their feet

To your mind, dream does come.
That purple wind, that blood red Sun

To your feet you do spring
To escape that unknown thing.

Stuart V Cook
Copyright Stuart V Cook 1997-2004