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Love in Difficult Times August, 2009
Ode To My Love May, 2006
Dream March, 2004
Escalator November, 2003
Eva March, 2000
Blood Red Sun 2000
There March, 1999
Greed June, 1997
Rose May, 1997
Words May, 1997
The Bus Journey January, 1997
Lea November, 1995
The Night Club October, 1995
Heather August, 1995
Rush Hour August, 1995
Monster July, 1995
River of People July, 1995
Time July, 1995
Wonder July, 1995
Barbecue June, 1995
Dancing Clowns June, 1995
Two Fat Flies April, 1995
Bar Child 1995
The Warrior January, 1995

All poems above are the copyright of Stuart V Cook © 1997-2003

Who I Am

My aspirations in life are to gain as much experience in as I can, benefit from it, and if I can pass the experience on for someone else to benefit from. My philosophy is to lead a life where I am happy and comfortable in what I do and as such material gain is not top priority in my life.

The poems on this web site are derived from my experience of life, in what happens around me, the people I meet, and from my dreams.

I hope you find the poetry on this site thoughtful and at times perhaps funny.

Please come back as I am always maintaining this web site and placing more poetry every so often. I look forward to seeing you all soon.


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All the poems on this web site are the sole authorship of Stuart V Cook and any publications of this work are welcomed but must recognize the author. A copy of any publication in which my work is published, or reference to such publication would be appreciated.

I would also appreciate all comments to my work published on the web and I'm contactable at poetry[at]

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